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The June 2016 issue of Diabetes Voice focuses on the the rise in people living with diabetes worldwide and the price we are all paying for diabetes prevention, care and treatment, directly and indirectly.

Rhys Williams, in his final article (Estimating the national and global costs of diabetes) for the magazine as Editor-in-Chief, revisits the methods used to calculate the costs of diabetes and re-evaluates our current position on costs and how we may need to revise our economic expectations of a future in which diabetes itself and its complications are prevented.

Ping Zhang, Health Economist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and João da Rocha Fernandes, IDF’s Health Economist discuss cost-effective and cost-saving interventions to reduce the future economic burden of diabetes.

David Beran, researcher and lecturer at the University of Geneva and Geneva University Hospitals, and his co-authors, examine the challenge and constraints to insulin access today, declaring our need to act on behalf of the 50 million people who require insulin but have difficulties accessing it (Insulin in 2016: challenge and constraints to access).

In, Diabetes in the Young, School Performance and KiDS, our authors discuss cognitive function and school performance in children with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the importance of treating and caring for diabetes in school, and how IDFs Kids and Diabetes in Schools (KiDS) project is helping to foster school environments that create a better understanding of diabetes.

In Diabetes in Society, we asked people living with diabetes or caring for people with diabetes what the condition costs them in real terms, and how this cost has affected them and their families. Contributions come from people living in very diverse communities including, Sri Lanka, the USA and Rwanda, but more similarities on access and affordability exist between our contributors then you might think.

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The next issue of Diabetes Voice will be published in September 2016. If you have any comments, questions or would like to contribute please send all correspondence to