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Kuwait Diabetes Society Joint Meeting


To provide the opportunity to live a healthy life with diabetes without complications.


To promote awareness, prevent and control diabetes through the implementation of best practices and evidence based guidelines and by conducting and organizing workshops for both the public and health care professionals.

Main Focus

• To empower individuals with diabetes for better control to prevent complications • To educate health care professional for a better practice of diabetes care • To promote public awareness to adopt healthy life style and prevent diabetes • To support research in diabetes


  • Develop training courses and workshops to empower individuals with diabetes and to provide opportunities to share experiences.
  • Provide diabetes management tools (glucometers, glucose strips, etc) at average costs that are lower than market price.
  • Provide free retinal exams, HbA1C check, diabetes education, foot care consultations and dietary advice for members.
  • Construct periodical publications and educational materials covering latest news in the field of diabetes.
  • Organize training courses for healthcare professionals (nurses, physicians, dieticians) to support best practice of care and prevention of diabetes complications.
  • Organizing and sponsoring local and international diabetes conferences.
  • Increase cooperation between healthcare professionals specializing in diabetes to share knowledge and exchange experiences regarding diabetes therapy to improve care provided for people with diabetes.
  • Coordinate with governmental and nongovernmental organizations to promote high standards of diabetes care.
  • Establish and strengthen the relationships between Kuwait Diabetes Society and other diabetes-related organizations and associations regionally and globally.

Screening and Awareness Program

It’s a mission of Kuwait Diabetes Society to raise the awareness of the public including children and youth about risk factors of obesity and diabetes, their complications and the importance of adopting a healthy life style.

Kuwait Diabetes Society organizes screening campaigns by having open days in commercial centers, schools and universities where there is screening and counseling for the public.

Screening includes checking blood glucose and blood pressure and as well as weight and BMI aiming to increase the awareness of healthy life style and weight control to fight obesity and diabetes and to help prevent complications.

Celebrating World Diabetes Day

Kuwait Diabetes Society celebrates World Diabetes Day by organizing awareness activities, lectures and open days as well as walkathons with blue lighting of buildings, a reminder of the need to fight diabetes.

Supporting the IDF YLD Program

Kuwait Diabetes Society is supports the IDF Young Leaders Program representative in Kuwait Lulwa Al-Qaoud’s T1DM support group by providing logistic help and funds. This effort aims to open the channels of communication with youths with diabetes.

Prevention of Diabetes Complications

Kuwait Diabetes Society works with its patients to help prevent diabetes complications by providing medical care service free of charge for all members. A daily education clinic is provided by an expert diabetes nurse educator. Foot and retinal examinations are also offered by a consultant diabetologist.

Education and Training Programs

Part of Kuwait Diabetes Society’s mission is to provide continuous medical education (CME) and training for physicians and healthcare professionals working with diabetes to raise standards of medical services provided to the patients. Workshops and continuous medical education lectures targeting primary health care physicians and nurses are also done.